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Jesus is ALIVE

Love Does Not Fear

"If you loved me you would do that for me!" Has anyone ever said that to you? Has anyone ever asked you how much you love them, and then said that if you love them you would do what they wanted? And more importantly, did you know they were right!?

Jesus told His followers that if they loved Him; if they truly, deeply, loved Him, they would keep His commandments (John 14:23). If they loved Him, they would do what He asked.

A friend of mine gave a perfect example of why we do things today. He said that there are really two reasons why a man will not cheat on his wife; the first is that the man loves his wife very much, and would not do anything to hurt her. And the other reason a man will not cheat is the fear of what his wife will do to him when she finds out!

But we know that love is not self-seeking , it does not look out for itself, but it looks out for others (1 Corinthians 13:5). Pure love does not worry about the punishment, or the repercussions, but it acts to serve others.

Where is your relationship with God today? Do you obey Him because you are afraid of being punished, or do you obey Him because you love Him, and you want to serve Him with all of your heart?

We are told that our relationship with God is the most important one, one that needs to be put above our relationship with our spouse, with our family, with our friends, and even ourselves (Luke 14:26). We should always think about God first, and if we love Him we should want to obey Him. We should want to obey Him above everything, and anyone else.

Are you doing that today?

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